In this week’s special edition of We Can’t Ever Have Nice Things, Verizon has killed off a quiet unlimited hotspot deal it was providing to the Family Motor Coach Association. While it lasted, the deal gave you a free hotspot and unlimited data for $50 per month, a steal compared with regular pricing.

Unfortunately, it seems that the deal was way more popular than anticipated. It was picked up on forums and social media, and people started joining the FMCA (for $50/year) in order to take advantage. Thanks to the sudden demand, Verizon isn’t honoring any orders and has pulled the deal completely.

An email sent to FMCA members confirms the decision:

FMCA had been working with Verizon to offer a special rate on an unlimited wireless data plan. After you – and many other FMCA members – told us you were interested, Verizon called FMCA and told us to pull the offering. Verizon officials indicated that they will not be honoring any of the orders that had been entered during this test period.

There’s still some hope for a future deal, but it’s likely to be much more tightly controlled:

We are still working to see whether FMCA and Verizon can put together an advantageous plan for FMCA members, but at this point we are not certain what will result from discussions with Verizon officials.

It’s not all that surprising that Verizon pulled the deal due to demand. Verizon has worked with organizations on one-off deals before, but they usually get pulled the second their existence is confirmed as being public. In this instance, the public webpage the FMCA put up advertising the deal was likely the big problem.

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