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How to stop Donald Trump from winning another primary like New Hampshire

February 10th, 2016 at 7:05 PM
Trump New Hampshire Primary Exit Polls

Donald Trump is likely still gloating after his double-digit win in the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday night. Unlike Iowa a few days ago, where Trump had to admit defeat, he came out strong in New Hampshire and gave his rivals a beating to remember. Let’s just hope we won’t see a repeat of that in the coming battles.

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John Kasich ended up in second place, no less than 19 points behind Trump, and Business Insider looked at all the CNN data trying to explain the most dominating Republican Party primary victory in 16 years. John McCain beat George W. Bush by 19 points back in 2000, but that didn’t help him secure the nomination.

Exit poll data revealed that Trump pretty much dominated his rivals across many demographics and sub-groups, beating them across all age groups. Here are some of Trump’s notable wins in New Hampshire:

  • At least 29% of the vote in each of the 10 counties
  • 37% of male voters
  • 32% of female voters
  • 46% of people who have a high-school degree or less
  • 41% of white voters without a college degree
  • 39% of voters making less than $50,000 a year
  • 35% of Republicans who voted in the GOP primary
  • 35% of independents who voted in the GOP primary
  • 36% of conservative primary voters
  • 32% of moderate primary voters
  • 31% of voters who said the most important issue is the economy
  • 52% of voters who said the most important issue is illegal immigration
  • 32% of voters who said electability was the top quality for a candidate to have
  • 65% of voters who said a candidate telling it “like it is” is their top quality
  • 44% of the Republican primary voters who said there should be a ban o Muslims coming to the U.S. (In all, 64% of Republican voters believe that.)

So, if you’re a Republican fighting Trump in this election, you’d better think of ways of putting up a better fight with the help of all this data. Exit polls also showed that seven in 10 Trump supporters said their vote was a “strong endorsement,” while less than 30% had reservations.

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