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Joshua Hawkins

Since 2021
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Josh Hawkins fell in love with writing and technology at a young age. Eventually he decided to combine the two and started writing about video games, the latest tech, and all the cool gadgets he could find. Whenever he isn’t busy writing about tech or gadgets, he can usually be found enjoying a new world in a video game, or tinkering with something on his computer.

MOST liquid solar energy storage solution

New liquid system could revolutionize solar energy

April 15th, 2022

A group of researchers has created a liquid solar energy storage system that can create electricity on demand. The system can store solar energy for up to 18 years, allowing them to release it when and where it is needed. The system has been in the works for over a decade, and new advancement allows …


Unlimited Google Photos storage is back, but only with this T-Mobile plan

April 14th, 2022

Many Android and iPhone fans were disappointed when Google discontinued its unlimited Google Photos storage in June of 2021. Now, though, it looks like the beloved feature is making a comeback, though it comes with a caveat. Unlimited Google Photos storage is making a comeback I, and many other photo-taking junkies, were disappointed last year …

germs on shoes

Scientists explain why you should always leave your shoes outside

April 14th, 2022

Some scientists say you shouldn’t wear your shoes inside your home. Why? Because the germs on shoes can easily spread to your floors, and then contaminate your house as a result. The scientists shared their opinions as part of CNN’s The Conversation. They say that science points towards removing your shoes and leaving them outside …

planetary parade

New ‘brain machine’ will scan space for alien signals

April 14th, 2022

The United Kingdom will build the “brain” for the upcoming Square Kilometer Array Observatory, otherwise known as SKAO or SKA. The observatory is part of an ongoing expansion of high-powered telescopes designed to study the early universe. Alongside that goal, the Square Kilometer Array will also be capable of scanning distant galaxies for alien radio …

Best Android tablets in 2021: The best devices to take Android on the go

Best Android tablets in 2022

April 13th, 2022

If you’re looking for the best Android tablet, then you’ve got more than a few options to choose from. The open-source nature of the Android platform has enabled a lot of companies to make their own devices, which means you’ll need to sift through them all to find the one that fits your needs. Luckily, …