Most people would not know what to do if they didn’t have a cutting board. Cutting boards are so vital to meal preparation, as they are used for so many different things. Obviously, there’s cutting, but you can also season your meat or poultry on it, gather your ingredients together on it, or just rest already cooked food while you’re getting ready to combine it with other food. If you’re lucky enough to have a butcher block at your home, then you know how important that surface can be. But what you may not realize is that your butcher block and cutting boards need some care. You should be treating your wood boards with butcher block oil. This will condition and keep your block from cracking or drying out. Are you now realizing this is something you need in your home? Don’t thank us until you read our picks for the best butcher block oil on the market. Then, instead of thanks, we’ll take some delicious meat as a payment.

Best Mineral Oil for Butcher Blocks

Made from the highest quality ingredients that are food-safe, the Thirteen Chefs Food Grade Mineral Oil for Cutting Boards, Countertops and Butcher Blocks is a bottle that you need. This can be used on all sorts of wood surfaces, including bamboo cutting boards, countertops, utensils, and salad bowls. This is pure USP mineral oil that is meant for food contact with a tamper seal, unlike lower quality mineral oil that isn’t meant for food use. This will restore and protect the wood, as it hydrates, seals and penetrates deeply into it to prevent cracking and drying. This is also great for granite, soapstone, knives, garden equipment and many other household objects. It comes in a squeeze bottle that is easy to use, thanks to the push applicator cap. You can apply a generous coat of the oil onto your surfaces and you can rub it in and there’s no need to remove any excess. Let it dry for four hours before using your surface to prepare food on top of.

Best Butcher Block Conditioner

Conditioner isn’t only for your hair or your couch. The Howard Products BBC012 Butcher Block Conditioner will revitalize your cutting boards right in front of your eyes. This exceeds the US FDA regulations for direct and indirect contact with food, so you know it’s been tested and is perfectly fine to use. This blend will prevent drying and cracking of hardwoods and bamboo. On top of the revitalization, you’ll be getting a natural waxing that adds another layer of protection to your surfaces. Perfect for wooden toys, spoons, or bowls, this can make your whole table top look brand new again. It is best if used after every wash, so it keeps wherever you’re putting it functional and beautiful. It is made from a combination of pure USP grade mineral oil, beeswax, and carnauba wax. This will never go rancid like other plant-based oils, so you can keep it for a long time. You can order one bottle or order up to five at a time, giving yourself a supply. This keeps the mineral oil in and moisture out of your wood.

Best Mystery Oil

Yes, that’s right. We said mystery oil. Well, the name says it all when you use John Boos MYSB Mystery Butcher Block Oil. This comes in either a 16-ounce bottle, a 32-ounce one, or a gallon jug, depending on how frequently you use it. This is meant for maintaining and preserving wood food preparation surfaces, such as butcher blocks, countertops, cutting boards, and utensils. This is made from all natural materials from the United States. It is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation and is safe to use on food prep areas. You can use this once a month or, if you live in a dryer climate, more than once a month. But you don’t need to use it after every time you wash the surface. This adds an additional protective barrier, allowing bacterial fluids to bead up and reduce interaction time with the board. You can apply a coat with your hand, with a rag or with a paper towel and you don’t need to worry about applying too much. It is easily absorbed and will produce top results.