The most important press conference of MWC 2018 is about to start, and we all know what Samsung is planning to unveil: The “boring” but still very exciting Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ smartphones.

The Galaxy S line returns to MWC after a year of absence, although we don’t expect any surprises from Samsung at Mobile World Congress here In Barcelona, Spain. Every little Galaxy S9 detail has already leaked over the past few months. The best leaks then came in the weeks preceding Samsung’s Galaxy S9 keynote, leading right up to yesterday’s huge leak that showed the Galaxy S9 and S9+ being used in the wild in more than half a dozen photos.

In what’s about to follow, Samsung will likely confirm most or even all of these rumors, though we sort of hope that Samsung still managed to hold a few surprises back for the actual show.

Shoppers who always want something new from smartphone makers might not be happy with the Galaxy S9 — hence the “boring” comment. The phone is basically the “S” generation of the Galaxy S8. In my book, however, that’s not a bad thing. iPhone “S” generations always to improve the overall experience offered by the previous year’s models, and I’d always choose the iPhone S over its predecessor.

The Galaxy S9 should be better than the Galaxy S8 in almost every conceivable way. We’re looking at the same great all-screen design, better hardware, and a new camera experience. In fact, the camera might be the main selling point of the phone, according to reports. Oh, and the fingerprint situation has been fixed and the sensor has been centered on the back of both phones.

One of the annoying things about the Galaxy S9 is that it won’t have a dual-lens camera like the larger Galaxy S9+. Of course, we all saw this movie when it premiered two years ago. Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus featured dual cameras on the back while the iPhone 7 did not. This trick helped Apple make more money by encouraging users to buy more expensive phones with better margins, and Samsung wants in on that action.

Will Samsung announce anything else at the show? Yes, that’s certainly a possibility. Not that we really care about anything other than the Galaxy S9 right now. Watch the entire event in the video live-stream below, and you can follow along with our live blog beneath the video.

It’s really done now. That’s all Samsung had to announce at MWC 2018. See you all later!

Or not, There’s some dancing going on. From white shirts with phones in their hands.

I guess that’s the first Unpacked 2018 show, everybody. 

The Galaxy S9 will be available on March 16th, with preorders starting on March 2nd.

Bixby is getting better every day. More news coming later this year. 

The brand new Dex Station was just confirmed too.

VR, AR, AI, and ML, are all part of Samsung’s future.

Eui Suk Chung on stage now to tell us where Samsung’s mobile phone is heading. 

The S9 comes with fast-wireless charging. Yes, we all saw the charger on the table there.

The Galaxy S9 supports horizontal orientation. That got an awkward clap.

Time to talk multitasking improvements.

The S9 is powered by one of the most advanced chips on the markets. 

Very funny, Samsung!

There’s a “convenient headphone socket” at the bottom of the device. 

Dolby Atmos does 3D sound thanks to the stereo speakers.

These are AKG-tuned stereo-speakers. Dolby Atmos support included.

Dual speakers confirmed – “the loudest ever in a Galaxy phone.”

5.8-inch and 6.2-inch AMOLED displays confirmed.

Mark Notton now on stage to talk design. 

Finally, Galaxy S9 is compatible with Google AR Core.

Bixby lets you virtually try makeup — available in the US, Canada, Korea, and China. 

Bixby will now recognize types of foods and record callories intake.

Yup, it works, but it is a bit laggy in the demo.

Time for Bixby smarts and its instant translating trick. 

Samsung partnered with Disney to bring you Disney AR Emoji. Mickey Mouse, Minnie, and the Incredibles are some examples.

It does look like a 3D front-facing camera would do it better.

There is some lag in this AR Emoji chat though.

AR Emoji can do Animoji too. 

You can use them with chat apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

The S9 will generate 18 emoji about you. 

“It’s as simple as taking a selfie,” Wong says.

“Create emoji that actually look like you.”

Erub Willis will now tell you how smart the S9’s camera is. AR Emoji?

“This is what it meast to completely reimagine the camera.”

IP68 rating also confirmed.

It’s time for the Galaxy S9+ to shine. The Plus gets a wideangle lens and a telephoto lens. with OIS on both lenses.

MicroSD slot just confirmed — up to 400GB of storage. 

The Dodo and BuzzFeed already partnered with Samsung for super slow-mo videos.

You can set your slow-mo videos as your lock screen. Pretty neat, I have to say.

Automatic background music is added automatically to each slow-mo video. And you can play it in reverse. That’s worth cheering for.

Auto capture will trigger slow-mo. (By the way, all these slow motion features were leaked not too long ago too.)

Super slow-mo cat videos will become a thing.

Ok yes, you have to see this. Explaining it just won’t cut it.

The Slow-mo Guys will show us what it’s like.

Brand new super slow-mo mode. 960fps videos. 

Ok, this is impressive. The camera itself has its own DRAM, which means the camera processes images by itself.

Both the Galaxy S9 and S9+ have dual apertures. 

The Galaxy S9 has a dual aperture camera (F1.5 and F2.4). Just like all the rumors said.

The Galaxy S9 has the “most groundbreaking camera yet.”

“Most smartphone cameras just won’t cut it after the sun goes down.”

Jonathan Wong is next on stage, to demo the camera.

It’s camera time

I just scanned my badge and the phone turned it into a Galaxy S9. Any buyers? I’ve got all four colors.

He just admitted the fingerprint sensor wasn’t easy to reach on last year’s Galaxy flagships.

I have to admit I giggled at that one, but I do love the notch. 

“As always, you know, there’s no notch.”

Oh, they’re definitely selling the Galaxy S9 as “the camera reimagined.”

Justin Denison, SVP Product Marketing is “so thrilled to be here” to tell us about the Galaxy S9.

And the 3.5mm headphone jack on the bottom!

And the centrally-positioned fingerprint sensor on the back. 

There’s the dual-lens camera!

Lilac purple color was just confirmed.

Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are now finally official.

“The Camera Reimagined” appears on the huge screen as Koh describes the camera as “A breakthrough camera that sees the world clearly in any light.”

Samsung says people took 1.3 trillion photos last year, and 10 billion videos. 

Here come the AR Emoji? 

Samsung partnering with UCSF for heart-related studies.

Galaxy S9 will get an advanced optical heart rate to measure blood pressure. 

Does that mean faster Android updates? 

“Fragmentation will become a thing of the past,” Koh promises. 

Samsung is doing a history of the smartphone, but it just skipped the moment in time where it copied Apple’s iPhone – and there’s a 132-page document to prove it. Koh probably just forgot about that.

“The Intelligence of Things” sounds interesting.

DJ Koh steps up to the plate and the crowd cheers. 

We’re not done with videos. More of “yes we can” type of attitude in this clip.

Yup, Samsung’s good at propaganda too. 

“We make what can’t be made,” Samsung’s video says.

Here we go, folks, the Unpacked 2018 event is live. 

The huge crowd starts cheering because the lights just went dark.

It really is incredibly dark in here. Well, club dark that is. And plenty of purple.

And now someone stepped on the stage to tell us to download Samsung’s AR app. AR is apparently very important for the Galaxy S9.

And there is a huge square-ish stage right in the middle. We’ve seen this before a few years ago, when Samsung made everyone in the room wear VR headsets. You know, back when Mark Zuckerberg sneaked into the press conference.

The prerecorded message keeps telling us to test our Unpacked 2018 AR apps, to enjoy AR content during the show.

Unpacked 2018 is… packed.

After what felt like an endless line at the Fira Montjuic – that’s right, Samsung is bringing the Galaxy S event to the former main location of the MWC show – I’m finally seated and waiting for Samsung to surprise me. Somehow.