Carrier adverts have to work hard to make radio waves into a cool and interesting thing you want to buy. We’ve seen every permutation of ad you can think of by this point, so to tease its upcoming announcement, T-Mobile decided to take a little inspiration from Super Mario.

The video is a teaser for T-Mobile’s next big announcement, slated to be made o n January 5th at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas. T-Mobile’s previous announcements have seen it kill data plans, give all its customers shares of T-Mobile stock, and announced the T-Mobile Tuesdays program. Given how hard John Legere is hyping the announcement on Twitter, we’re expecting big things from this round of announcements.

Either that, or he’s getting an early start on 2017’s Troll of the Year competition.

This is normally the point at which I’d remind you about all the bad and non-consumer-friendly things that T-Mobile also does, but I’m still busy legitimately enjoying this advert. The attention to detail — other T-Mobile execs swooping in to help, a sad 8-bit Marcelo Claure — makes this a lot more fun than a teaser video for a corporate announcement has any right to be.

Just, uh, remember to check your bill after watching.

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