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T-Mobile is giving away tons of free stuff, here’s how to get it

Published Jun 6th, 2016 1:40PM EDT
T-Mobile Tuesdays Rewards

T-Mobile is known for doing things a little differently to other carriers, and its rewards program is much the same. T-Mobile CEO John Legere just announced that the company will give all customers a weekly gift, one share of stock, and free in-flight Wi-Fi.

Life looks pretty good on the Uncarrier train right now.

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The weekly rewards program is pretty simple: it’s called T-Mobile Tuesdays, and it gives every subscriber a free gift every Tuesday. Examples are things like a free (carryout) pizza from Dominos, food from Wendy’s, movie tickets, or free rides with Lyft. There will be some recurring gifts you can claim (like dinner and a movie), while others will be happening on a week-by-week basis. This week, everyone’s going to get a ticket to see Warcraft. Whether that gift makes you happy or afraid probably depends on how many Warcraft trailers you’ve seen so far.

The second part of T-Mobile’s giveaway is a little more unique: company stocks. Through the same app, T-Mobile will be giving away one share of stock to every primary account holder. T-Mobile’s stock is currently trading at about $43 a share, so that’s not a bad giveaway in the slightest. The company will probably be hoping that everyone holds onto their shares, however, so that the stock price doesn’t suddenly slump.

The final giveaway might just be the most valuable. Subscribers will now get a free hour of Gogo inflight Wi-Fi on every flight they take, in addition to the free texting T-Mobile subscribers already get on planes. One hour of internet means this won’t be a replacement for truly frequent flyers, but an hour of emails and tweeting per flight is a pretty decent perk, all things considered.

To get these rewards, users just need to download the T-Mobile Tuesdays app from the Google Play store or iTunes, verify their T-Mobile number, and start spending the free stuff. It’s possible to spin T-Mobile’s motives here as being a straight publicity grab, in partnership with movie theaters that are mostly empty anyways on Tuesdays, and just want people to come in and buy popcorn. But in all honesty, free stuff is free, and the amount of free stuff you can potentially get in return for a $40 cell contract is sweet.