Apple on Monday afternoon released a brand new version of its upcoming iOS 10 software for developers. iOS 10 beta 6 comes just four business days after the previous beta version, iOS 10 beta 5. Why is Apple releasing a new beta so soon after the last one? We’re not certain, but it continues a trend — iOS 10 beta 5 was released less than two weeks after the fourth developer beta of iOS 10.

In the past, Apple typically stuck to a two-week schedule when issuing new iOS beta versions.

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The new iOS 10 beta 6 software is available to anyone with a developer account, and it can be installed as an over the air (OTA) update or downloaded from Apple’s developer site and installed using the latest available version of iTunes. A change log outlining new features in the update isn’t yet available, but testers can likely expect plenty of bug fixes and a handful of minor feature tweaks.

Of note, iOS 10 public beta 5 was released alongside the new developer version of the software. The two versions are identical but Apple has historically waited a day to release public betas to ensure that there are no critical bugs before releasing the new software to the public.