This year’s Mobile World Congress has technically not started – it kicks off on Monday – but Sunday is a very busy day for mobile announcements. Many of the major Android smartphone vendors have revealed some of the products they plan to launch this year, including LG, Huawei, HTC and Lenovo. But it feels like Samsung is the one company to watch today – it’s almost like other companies are just trying to steal Samsung’s Galaxy S7 thunder.

A few hours ago, we saw LG’s G5 came to life, an original take on the modern smartphone. Now, it’s time to see what Samsung has in store before we declare a winner. In this post you’ll find live streaming video from Samsung’s big event along with our live blog coverage.

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Samsung’s new smartphones were probably the worst-kept secret of the year so far. We know everything there is to know about the design and hardware thanks to the numerous leaks that will probably prove to have been very accurate, and we’ve already heard believable rumblings about the phones’ new software which should include “lite” bloatware, a Samsung Live Photo feature similar to the iPhone’s, and an always-on display feature.

The Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 edge will certainly be among the top Android handsets available this year, maybe the very best, and they certainly seem to have what it takes to fight against the iPhone 7 when it launches this fall. But will Samsung be able to make a splash at least as big as last year when it revolutionized the Galaxy S line with the Galaxy S6 series?

Live streaming video from Samsung’s big Galaxy S7 unveiling is embedded below, and you’ll also find our live blog at the bottom of the post. Oh, and if you plan to follow the event in virtual reality, then check out these instructions on how to do it.

Samsung’s big MWC 2016 press conference is scheduled to begin at 1:00 p.m. EST / 10:00 a.m. PST.

And that’s it, folks, time for hands-on with Samsung’s toys. 

Samsung wants to break down barriers. 

Major partnership here, Facebook + Oculus and Samsung. 

Facebook is putting its know-how to work to make even better VR experiences, including better videos, social features and even gaming.

More than a million people are watching Facebook 360 videos every day.

Millions of people will buy a Gear VR, Zuckerberg says.

As someone who is already too addicted to looking at screens, I worry VR will just wreck me.

I can’t wait to see what Google and Apple’s VR project will look like. 

And VR will be social, the CEO says. Obviously, Facebook wants to be at the forefront of that.

I am… mixed on VR. Basically, I am worried I will become completely addicted to it.

Zuckerberg says that VR is the next platform. And he’s probably right.

I won’t assault the stage to take a closeup picture of Facebook’s CEO like everyone in the media isle seems to be doing. 

Did Zuckerberg finally con Samsung into making a Facebook Phone?!?!?!! (No, he didn’t, don’t worry.)

Not sure if Gear VR did it. 

While we were in VR, Mark Zuckerberg appeared on stage. 

Uh oh

And it’s time for Gear VR headsets.

Samsung coins “Other reality.”

Seamlessly connected to Galaxy S7 and S7 edge.

30-megapixel combined in the two lenses. 

Gear 360 — the full picture. 

It’s the Samsung Gear 360.

Samsung has its own 360 camera that should help out with content creation. 

Samsung say it’s a leader in VR, and after seeing LG’s 360 VR headset, I must agree.

Google gets a major acknowledgement. That’s definitely different than in previous years, when Samsung would hardly mention “Android” on stage. 

Samsung Pay update: the service will launch in a bunch of additional markets, including Spain and the U.K.

Gear VR included free of charge with each preorder.

Galaxy S7 preorders will begin in a few days, and the phones will be available in stores on March 11th.

Games will look hot on the Galaxy S7 I can tell you that. 

Unreal engine and Vulkan API: High-end graphics with low-power consumption. 

Epic Games takes the stage to talk us through some amazing gaming on the go. 

Galaxy Game Pack: Over $200 of in-game currency for games. 

There is some bloatware, but nothing too aggravating so far.

Yet another thing Apple would do well to copy: Better batteries.

You can binge one season of Game of Thrones on one charge.

Battery life: 3,000 mAh and 3,600 mAh. Just as we expected.

Rockets, satellites and the Galaxy S7 have the same cooling tech now. 

Time to talk performance. I know what that means: Exynos 8890 and Snapdragon 820 processors. 

Motion panorama. I have a feeling this is Live Photos. 

100% of the pixels are used to focus. Dual pixel tech at play here.

Better low-light pics, and ultra-fast focus. 

Trolling Apple one more time. But who can blame them?

The G5 is an amazing piece of innovation. But the Galaxy S7 just meticulously checks off Android fans’ top wants.

Bigger pixels coming too. They’re 30% larger than in the iPhone 6s Plus.

The Galaxy S7 promises to be even better at taking pics than the S6. F1.7 wide lens.

Hmm, I could use the new camera on the Galaxy S7 right now.

Yes… SD card slot is back

Samsung took storage to the next level. Storage, and camera.

(In all seriousness: It’d be great if Apple stepped up its game in this regard.)

Let’s hear it for the microSD slot — yes, it’s there. 

The device is sealed from the inside out. IP68 certification.

Damn, Chris, it’s almost like every single new feature on these phones leaked multiple times.

And here’s the water resistance we heard of. 

That’s the always on display we talked about a few days ago.

Samsung just asked us if we know we’re checking the screen 150 times a day. Yes we do, LG told us a few hours ago. 

The S7 edge has a bigger edge menu now, and third-party devs will have access to it. 

We’re looking at 5.1-inch and 5.5-inch screens for the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, respectively.

The edge is really an achievement in hardware innovation. And no one has been able to match it yet.

The rear camera protrusion is almost gone. Just as the rumors and leaks suggested.

But it’s still gorgeous. 

I absolutely do love the S7 edge design. Probably Samsung’s best work to date.

A video about design. It still looks like the Galaxy S6, and the iPhone.

Meanwhile, the VR trickery was amazing. 

It’s time for Samsung to confirm all the rumors. 

Wow, Samsung just beat LG. 

Ok, Brad, I’m going into VR. If I’m not back, come get me.

Samsung certainly knows how to build up the hype.

“We are human, with all of our human failings.” Shit just got deep.

“Solve, overcome, achieve.”

And that was a hit at Apple, in case you missed it. What other company tells its customers what they want other than the iPhone maker?

That’s Samsung’s mantra.

“Adapting, challenging, collaborating and improving.”

How to make bold decisions… so here’s a phone that’s almost exactly like last year’s!

Samsung is running through its phone history. 

There’s still no content playing on the Gear VR. 

I half expect the whole building to just EXPLODE after that

I’m cheering for Samsung. 


In case you were wondering, yes, it’s all about the S7. 

The center stage is…. being unpacked.

The history of the Galaxy S and Note. (Yet no iPhone).

Here we go. Loud music and video to go with it.

Don’t know about you guys, but there’s definitely a phone in my Gear VR. 

I liked the BB-8 camera bot that LG showed off. It will torment cats for years.

Today’s LG event had its artistic moments as well, Brad. Especially near the end, with all the chatter about the Play features of the LG G5.

Although, damn, the Galaxy S4 event was pretty ridiculous too:

Just a few minutes to go, which gives me plenty of time to deal with all these wires. There’s Ethernet, Gear VR, charging cables… And I’m trying not to make any sudden moves.

We haven’t even started, but so far I feel Samsung has one-upped LG when it comes to keynote prep. 

Still for my money the GOAT Samsung event — the Galaxy S III:

Wondering whether I’ll get any nausea too — that’s my main complaint about VR. 

I’m trying to figure out how to snap pics, take notes, while wearing the Gear VR. 

I am trying to imagine the terror of watching a Samsung keynote on a VR headset.

Oh, and there’s no VR content playing on the headset, in case you were wondering. We’re only given the same operating instructions playing over the speakers.

Other Gear VRs with Oculus branding waiting patiently on the sears near me. 

Also, Gear VR headset seflie. No idea how I did it from the first try.

Meanwhile, there is a lady whose soothing voice is instructing us how to use the Gear VR. We definitely can’t kick it around.

Also, Samsung is providing Ethernet Internet, who knew I’d appreciate it so much.

There’s a center stage, but I’m sure this isn’t a concert. 

Hey, everyone, it’s time to “play” again. This time it’s Samsung serving, and I’m already inside the huge auditorium, wearing a Gear VR headset.