It has never been more clear: Pizza Hut is very upset that its patrons are still alive, so it’s doing everything in its power to clog their arteries as quickly as possible. The latest evidence of this painfully obvious truth comes in the form of a “Hot Dog Bites Pizza,” which the establishment unveiled earlier this month.

Whatever you do, don’t eat it. If you want to see what the experience would be like though, four brave souls took the plunge so you don’t have to.

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“When you get the hot dog and the pizza at once it’s so, so bad.”

“There’s so much grease.”

“Nothing on this tastes like anything.”

Those quotes pretty much sum it up. It’s gross. So gross. One person from A.V. Club does note that the mustard dipping sauce is decent, but that’s pretty much the only complement this abomination received.

The full video is embedded below.