There’s a good probability I have settled on the iPhone 6. Hopefully my journey of buying and returning iPhone 6 Pluses is over. For me, there are too many compromises with the iPhone 6 Plus. It’s thicker, heavier, and unusable with one hand. It’s not my only device, and if I’m home there’s an iPad and computer, and if I’m at the office there’s a computer. That’s it, done talking about it, and waiting for the second generation.

But now I can’t decide between the space gray iPhone 6 and the silver!

FROM EARLIER: I have bought and returned an iPhone 6 Plus 10 times, please send help

You might think it’s easy, but it’s not! The iPhone 6 in silver, to me, is the pure Apple device. It’s gorgeous, it’s modern yet classic, and it’s safe. The space gray however… it’s cleaner, meaner, but looks less like an iPhone to me. It looks more like an Android device, and it looks a little cheaper. It’s obviously not, but the glossy black glass front looks a bit plastic-looking to me in the light. I’m also not in love with the purple/blue tint of the space gray case itself.

As someone who has used a silver iPad and iPhone for the last couple years, it’s refreshing to use a device with a black front. The screen just melts away, content looks better than ever, and it’s really tempting. I just bought my second space gray iPhone 6 and I’m having trouble deciding — hopefully it’s an easier choice than the iPhone 6 Plus!