T-Mobile was easily one of the most exciting companies to watch in 2014. The nation’s No. 4 wireless carrier makes a whole lot of noise thanks to its outspoken CEO John Legere, but the company walks the walk as well as its CEO talks the talk. T-Mobile has registered phenomenal growth in 2014 that has visibly shaken its rivals, rocking them out of complacency and forcing them to compete with the newly revitalized T-Mobile.

Now, T-Mobile’s CEO is about to announce the carrier’s “Un-carrier 8.0” plan, looking to shake things up in the U.S. mobile market once again.

Legere is currently participating in a broadcast interview with Yahoo News’ David Pogue, during which he will reveal the carrier’s new “Un-carrier 8.0 initiative. Want to hear the news straight from the horse’s mouth the moment it’s announced? The video is embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

UPDATE: Read about T-Mobile’s new “Data Stash” plan right here!