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8 awesome paid iPhone apps that are free for a limited time (save $35!)

Best Free iPhone Apps

Yesterday’s post about paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale brought you nine nifty paid apps that were all available for free for a limited time, and several of them are still free if you hurry. Today, however, we have an even better batch. There are eight great iOS apps on Tuesday’s list, and they would regularly cost you $35 altogether to purchase. For a limited time, however, they’re all free.

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These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged.


Normally $2.99.

DailyRed is an all inclusive app that gives you access to the most current information you need, to get you through your day well-informed! Now getting the details of your favorite sports game, viewing amusing gifs, or simply checking the weather is available to you in one central source. Find out what hundreds of users are rating as the easiest and best source for all your daily addictions and amusements.


*Over 13 different categories available including (music, movie trailers, art, new apps, daily deals, etc.)
*One place for everything: No more switching from app to app
*Feed Reading Capabilities: Allows you to add your favorite RSS feeds & SubReddits

Download DailyRed


Normally $2.99.

Vert is the most amazing, efficient, elegant unit and currency iOS converter. You can personalise it to meet your requirements at its best. Let it be students, people of business, worldwide travellers, rock climbers, anyone who uses on-line recipes or shops on-line, etc. – they all appreciate Vert’s functionality. It blends in with your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad beautifully.


Featured on the App Store:
• #1 Top Utilities app
• ‘Best New Apps’
• ‘New to the App Store?’
• ‘Travel Survival Kit’
• ‘Designed for iOS 7’


• For best ACCURACY formula based converting is used
• GREAT SEARCH feature – find units by name or code, find currencies also by country
• OFFLINE conversions
• The simplest way to create and use favorite lists
• Choose the category you want to launch the app with
• Full screen list view on demand
• CALCULATOR at hand [ + – × ÷ ]
• Automatic decimal place adjustment
• Conversion HISTORY log
• URL scheme support (more at

• OVER 1000 UNITS in 34 categories
• 164 CURRENCIES with automatic updates
• COMPOUND units (e.g. foot + inch, pound + ounce)
• Clothing, hat and shoe size converter
• Complete COOKING category
• Chinese units
• Japanese units
• Unusual units (donkeypower, manpower, shot glass, fully loaded 747 etc.)
• Rock climbing grades

• OPTIMIZED for iPhone and iPad
• Elegant and PIXEL-PERFECT design
• Refined typography
• Personalisation to suit you needs
• Multiple COLOR themes (matching with all new iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices)

• UNITS OF MEASUREMENT: Acceleration, Angle, Area, Cooking (volume-to-weight), Currency, Data Size, Data Transfer Speed, Density, Energy, Force, Frequency, Fuel Consumption, Illuminance, Length/Distance, Luminance, Metric Prefixes, Power, Pressure, Radioactivity, Speed, Temperature, Time, Torque, Typography, Viscosity, Volume, Volumetric Flow, Weight/Mass
• CLOTHING: Bra cup & band, Hats & Caps, Shirts & Blouses, Shoes, Suits & Dresses
• OTHER: Rock Climbing Grades

Download Vert

Grazing Web Browser

Normally $1.99.

Grazing Browser is great way to browse the web for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Tabs, natural touch interface, fullscreen, online integration, smart searches and more, plus Grazing Push to instantly send links between your desktop and your devices.

Visit or click the Developer Web Site link for the full details!

– Grazing Push: Push links and your reading list between your iOS devices, your desktop, and the web.
– Plus, download free Grazing Push for Mac to instantly send links to your desktop. Available in the Mac App Store. (

– Fullscreen: Drag the toolbar up or down to show your tabs or enter fullscreen mode.
– Thumb controls: Slide your thumb in to hit common commands on the Slidepad.
– Touch optimized: Just pan back and forth to switch tabs. Plus gestures, helpful overlays, and more.
– Universal address bar: Get suggestions from history, bookmarks, tabs, and search from the address bar.
– Private browsing: Browse with clear cookies and without leaving history, exit to return to your standard cookies at any time.
– Save links with your favorite services, including Instapaper, ReadItLater, Delicious, PinBoard, and more.
– Sharing with Twitter and Facebook.
– Searching Multiple search engines, always open in a new tab, search based on selected text, find-on-page, and more.
– Ad Blocking and set your cookie preferences.
– Custom user agents – tell specific sites you’re a desktop browser to avoid iPad blocking or redirecting.
– Plus much more!

Download Grazing Web Browser


Normally $1.99.

What is the problem that must be solved by a truly great shopping list app? Making the buying of products a snap! And that’s exactly what you will get when you use the Organizy to assist you with your shopping.

Use Organizy to:

⇒ Quickly add products to your list with the help of our auto-complete feature – you will be pleasantly surprised to see just how diverse and complete the Organizy’s inventory is.

⇒ Strike out items from your list using only one hand – leaving the other free to take products off the shelves and put them into your shopping cart.

⇒ Save time by using the ideal route in a store to get your shopping done quickly and efficiently – Organizy automatically groups the products on your list according to sections/aisles of a store.

⇒ Choose to see the “must-buy” products at the top of your list – this is especially helpful for long shopping lists.

⇒ Have no fear of accidentally striking out an item on your shopping list. You will find the Organizy intuitive and well-thought out.

Once you use Organizy, you will wonder how you ever got along without it!

Download Organizy


Normally $1.99.

Recreate let’s you take amazing “Then & Now” photos using your favorite photos.

Recreate uses your live camera and lets you easily fade in and out your guide image.

Use any photo on your phone as a guide for taking a new one, to match the pose, composition and layout exactly.

Recreate the same photos for:
– The First Day of School
– Movember Progress
– “The Tummy Shot” for a pregnancy over time

Download Recreate

Red Arrow

Normally $0.99.

Red Arrow, the no-frillest navigation app!

Build for those who love to walk and make their own directions as long as they have a direction, Red Arrow is built around a beautiful minimal interface, with simplicity and speed of use in mind.

Simply place a pin on the map (either manually with your finger or search) and the Arrow points at it. From that point and after when you need directions simply take your phone out your pocket, glance, and reholster!

For quick and easy destination setting!

Allows the app to provide directions even before unlock!

The app automatically maintains the last pin location even inbetween phone restarts, app restarts, or losing signal.


Red Arrow makes use of the iphone’s magnetometer and so is particularly sensitive. Treat it as an analog device that may require a shake or two on initial start up.

Red Arrow is the work of a single individual, who would love to hear your opinions and suggestions for future updates.

Download Red Arrow

Effect 360

Normally $1.99.

Effect+® contains 500+ filters and all editing features that allow you to beautifully express the best moments of your life that let you see the world in a classic way

Effect+® themes vary from the feel of film camera to the unique sets of classy moods or fun creativity. Whether you are looking for special effects or light leak, you will find it all in Effect+

• Provides 500 professional filter effects
• Choose 10 effects filter groups
• High resolution support up to 6528 pixels
• Create natural lighting effects
• Support iPhone or iPad

Please send us your valuable feedback, If you enjoy shooting with Effect+® please consider leaving a review with 5 Stars mark, it really helps people discover our camera. We are committed to providing you with the best experience possible so if you have any questions, comments or feedback, please email us

Download Effect 360

Benjamin Jet Fighters HD

Normally $19.99.

HD Arcade Jet Fighter action awaits you as you stop the most daring money heists imaginable while piloting one of 3 unique upgradeable HD Jet Fighter aircraft during 20 intense and highly cinematic action packed HD missions!

• HD Arcade-Style Jet Fighter Combat experience, with HD sights, sounds and non-stop action that will take your breath away!
• Enjoy Simple and Intuitive Controls: tilt your iOS device left/right to steer your Jet Fighter around city obstacles while skillfully avoiding enemy missiles.
• Alternatively, for a casual ON-RAILS HD experience: forgo tilting and simply tap your enemies to engage the “Autopilot” while controlling your Afterburner and Weapons with a smooth 2-button interface.
• Face more than 30 different types of HD enemies, including: modern jets, attack helicopters and GIGANTIC money-packed HD transport aircraft!
• 20 action-oriented HD campaign missions (including 2 bonus HD Endless Gauntlet levels) offer over 4 hours of action-packed arcade-style HD Jet Fighter game play.
• RPG Style Progression System allows you to FREELY acquire, pilot and level-up 3 unique HD Jet Fighters while unlocking 18 different types of Afterburner and Weapon upgrades.
• Optional In-App Purchases allow you to skip the RPG grind and instantly acquire any of the playable HD fighter jets. In addition, you can Restore your existing purchases to unlock content on multiple iOS devices.
• Game Center support: with 7 Leaderboards and 18 elusive Achievements that demand an additional 10+ hours of game play.
• Over 30 minutes of memorable original HD music will dynamically accompany your Jet Fighter combat experience.
• Team up with friendly AI wingmen in the later stages of the game, and watch as your enemies fall before your elite HD Jet Fighter squadron.
• Adaptive AI and Randomized HD Enemies with Dynamic Difficulty: provide for a near endless replay value, as your opponents constantly change and adapt to your style of game play each time you engage a new or existing mission.

>> Game Play Basics:

Steer your Jet Fighter manually by tilting your device left and right, or tap your enemies to engage the ON-RAILS “Autopilot”. NOTE that you must be facing your enemies directly before pressing the right “Weapons/Fire” button. Holding the left “Afterburner” button will allow you to avoid enemy missiles as well as steer around various city hazards. Remember that the game’s Dynamic On-Screen Tutorial System will always guide you on the right course of action, while prolonged use of the Weapons/Afterburner will cause a temporary overload. Also, note that your Jet Fighter is equipped with automatic repair systems which will activate shortly after you stop taking damage.

Completing missions, earning XP and leveling-up your jet-fighter to Level 5 will unlock new playable aircraft for FREE. You may also skip the RPG grind and instantly level-up via the use of optional In-App Purchases. Each In-App Purchase can also be Restored, thus allowing you to instantly unlock playable Jet Fighters on multiple iOS devices.

*** NOTICE: Benjamin Jet Fighters HD can only run in LOW QUALITY GRAPHICS mode on older iOS devices, which include: iPod Touch 3, iPod Touch 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPad 1.

Download Benjamin Jet Fighters HD

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