The most anticipated remaster of the year, Grand Theft Auto V on PS4 and Xbox One, has finally arrived. We’ve already covered the single best reason to double dip on this 2013 best-seller, but even if first-person mode isn’t your cup of tea, it’s hard to deny that Rockstar Games has done an incredible job updating GTA V for the new generation.

FROM EARLIER: You won’t believe how different GTA V looks on PS4 compared to Xbox One

In order to demonstrate just how amazing Los Santos looks on the PlayStation 4 version of the game, YouTube user The XXI has put together a short video showing off the city at night. Rather than focusing on the less-than-kid-friendly aspects of the game, this video explores the lives of the virtual denizens who populate the city.

The XXI notes below his video that the process of filming this video was extremely tedious given the lack of an in-game video editor, but once the PC version launches next year, expect to see plenty more videos showcasing Rockstar’s game.

Watch the full video below: