Motorola is rumored to be prepping the Moto X+1 handset for launch later this year, a Moto X successor that will also allow users to customize the device, and the company has confirmed the new phone’s name on its MotoMaker website. A “Moto X+1 Details” button has appeared on Motorola’s website, and it will supposedly point to a special page dedicated to Motorola’s upcoming new flagship. Unfortunately, the button doesn’t lead anywhere because the company has yet to publish the official Moto X+1 product page.

The MotoMaker page has various missing elements, and does not show any pictures of the upcoming device.

The company has scheduled a special media event for May 13, with some reports speculating that the company will unveil its cheaper Moto E during it, as the invite has hinted those devices will be “priced for all.” However, considering that the rumored Moto E hardly qualifies as a device that would deserve a media event by itself, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Motorola actually announce more than one new Android handset during the show.

Furthermore, since the Moto X+1 name has already been officially listed, it may be an indication the company is preparing for an earlier launch than anticipated. The Moto X launched in fall last year, but its successor may be released earlier – other Android handset makers including Samsung and LG have also pushed forward their flagship launches this year.

One last evidence that seems to suggest the Moto X+1 may soon launch is the fact that Motorola hosted another Moto X sale, likely in an attempt to get rid of existing stock ahead a new handset launch.

A screenshot of Motorola’s Moto X+1 revelation follows below.