Google is pretty high on the potential for Google Glass to be a revolutionary product but the company seems to realize that its computerized headset has an image problem since it’s already become the target of ridicule for late-night comedians. With this in mind, The Wall Street Journal reports that Google is thinking outside the box to make Glass a desirable mass market product and not just the “niche product for nerds” that it might well become.

Among other things, the Journal says Google “is exploring ideas with at least one eyewear company to put the device in optometry offices around the country and create alternative designs.” Glasses designer VSP Global is also in talks with Google to come up with ideas for making a more fashionable version of Glass and to develop “special prescription lenses to use with Glass.”

Any plans to revamp Glass are still a ways off, however, so we should still expect the headset to look a lot like it does right now when it finally launches to the public in 2014.