Motorola’s Moto X smartphone will be the first in a long line of upcoming handsets that Google plays a more active role in developing. The phone still hasn’t been unveiled, but that hasn’t stopped Motorola and Google from discussing it openly and even advertising it. Thanks to a series of leaks, however, we already know a fair amount about Motorola’s upcoming flagship phone, which will offer various customization options including colorful cases and an engraving service. Now, thanks to leaked photos dug up by French blog, we can see what is claimed to be a sampling of the different case colors Motorola plans to offer. From the look of things, we’re simply talking about swappable battery covers rather than any intricate case customizations, but the option to purchase a made-to-order handset is still somewhat intriguing. The leaked photos follow below and the Moto X is expected to launch in the late summer or early fall.