Apple has plenty of new products in store for consumers in 2013, including new iPhones, new iPads, a new iPad mini and new computers. According to Forbes, however, Apple won’t really launch anything “new” anytime soon. Forbes contributor Haydn Shaughnessy on Wednesday writes that we won’t see any new iconic products like the iPad, iPhone or MacBook Air from Apple in 2013. Apple does have a couple of new products like the “iWatch” and “iTV” in development, but according to Shaughnessy they won’t see the light of day this year due to various issues.

Where Apple’s smartwatch is concerned, Shaughnessy thinks the device will need an OLED display for practical and aesthetic reasons. In order to churn out OLED displays at the rate Apple would need with a new product however, he thinks Samsung is the only supplier capable of meeting demand right now. Since Apple is in the process of moving its business away from Samsung’s various component divisions, this unholy union is seen as highly unlikely.

Moving on to a possible “iTV,” Shaughnessy also doesn’t see Apple launching an own-brand HDTV in 2013. He believes Apple will want to make use of the latest and greatest display technologies in its TV, such as OLED panels with 4K resolution. Pricing is still a huge barrier though, and Shaughnessy thinks associated productions lines are “not proven” at this point, which could lead to yield issues.

“Though it might disappoint the stock market all this suggests that a new iconic product is a 2014 mission not a 2013 one,” Shaughnessy concludes. “In 2013 we can expect to see more of the iPhone and iPad.”