Apple’s (AAPL) lawyers are a busy bunch these days, what with the U.S. patent trial of the century currently underway. Regardless of where the chips fall in San Jose, it looks like Apple’s legal team will still have plenty of work once the dust settles. Philip Elmer-DeWitt of CNNMoney on Friday pointed out another area where Apple may want to focus some of its attention: the Samsung (005930) Chromebox Series 3. Beyond the obvious resemblance, the identical shape and the same rounded corners, DeWitt points to a review that notes both devices measure exactly 7.6 inches square. Uncanny. We’re sure Apple is well aware of the striking similarities between the two boxes, but considering the Chromebox and Chrome OS are barely a blip on anyone’s radar, the company is likely smart to focus its legal wrath elsewhere. Unfortunately for Samsung, Apple’s bigger case is looking pretty solid right about now, but of course, the trial is far from over.