A purported roadmap outlining Research In Motion’s BlackBerry 10 launch plans has emerged, seemingly outlining the current state of RIM’s ever-changing launch schedule for the coming year. After reporting a disaster of a first fiscal quarter late last month, RIM confirmed that its first BlackBerry 10 smartphone launch will be pushed back, again, this time to 2013. According a roadmap published by BlackBerryOS.com, RIM will launch the full-touchscreen BlackBerry “London” followed by the QWERTY-equipped BlackBerry “Nevada” in the first quarter next year. The BlackBerry “Nashville” will then launch late in the second quarter followed by the BlackBerry “Blackforest” tablet in the third quarter. All this is contingent upon RIM’s course over the next six to nine months, however, as the company is currently exploring a number of options that may soon make the RIM we now know a thing of the past.