An all-hands day has reportedly been called for nationwide T-Mobile stores on September 24th. As per a purported internal memo obtained by TmoNews, T-Mobile corporate has instructed managers to “plan for increased store business and maximum floor coverage on Saturday September 24.” Initial speculation suggested the memo may involve the iPhone 5, but that seems highly unlikely. First and foremost, some reports refer to the all-hands day as a meeting where employees may be preparing for an iPhone launch, however the memo instead refers to it as a high-volume day for T-Mobile retail stores. The launch of Apple’s iPhone 5 would certainly pull in high volumes of foot traffic, of course, but it is not expected to be released until early to mid-October. Moreover, it’s safe to say T-Mobile is expecting more than one single day of high-volume retail traffic if and when it launches the iPhone 5, and the handset will likely launch ahead of the weekend when it finally does hit store shelves. We’re not sure what T-Mobile has in store for the 24th, but odds are definitely not in the fifth-generation iPhone’s favor.