According to an independent survey conducted by market research firm ChangeWave, Apple’s iPad still has no real competition in the eyes of consumers. ChangeWave released the results of its survey on Thursday, revealing that 82% of respondents planned to purchase the iPad instead of a competitive offering such as the Motorola XOOM, BlackBerry PlayBook or Samsung Galaxy Tab. The firm surveyed 3,091 consumers in the month of February — before the iPad 2 was announced and, for the most part, before the XOOM was available for consumers to try — and 27% said they planned to purchase a tablet in the future. Of those 835 people, a whopping 82% said they would be buying the Apple iPad. The Motorola XOOM found itself in the sights of 4% of the group and the BlackBerry PlayBook and Samsung Galaxy Tab each took 3% shares of ChangeWave’s sample. The remaining 8% intended to purchase a tablet other than the four devices named in the survey.