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Android, iOS gain share in Q1 as Symbian, BlackBerry plummet

Google’s Android operating system and Apple’s iOS platform showed big market share gains in the first quarter of 2012 as Symbian and BlackBerry shipments plummeted. Market research firm IDC on Thursday published its >>

Microsoft may be forced to give Nokia a bail out

Nokia continues to struggle as the once dominant cell phone maker continues to lose share in both the smartphone and broader mobile market. The Finnish vendor’s Lumia handsets have yet to take off and >>

HTC usage share drops 60% in five months, study finds

Not long ago, HTC posted six consecutive months of record revenue thanks to strong demand for its Android-powered smartphones. The company’s record run came to a screeching halt in October last year with the >>

New iPad already accounts for 10% of all iPad traffic

Apple released its third-generation iPad just over three weeks ago, and the company managed to sell more than 3 million units in less than four days of availability. The sleek slate has since launched >>

Android fragmentation rears its ugly head once again

Google updated its Android version tracker on Monday, revealing that the latest version of its mobile operating system — Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich — has more than doubled its installed base over >>