When we first heard watchmaker Hublot would be releasing an iPhone app, we didn’t honestly expect much. Boy were we wrong. If you’re a watch lover, this app has to be the most feature-packed creation the App Store has to offer. There is loads of content available here — 360 degree interactive watch views, the ability to actually see and control your favorite watch (complete with start/stop chronograph function), to even a built in game where you can win prizes by winding up a virtual power reserve on a Hublot (you shake the iPhone to wind the watch). It’s pretty amazing to see a watch company that gets what the iPhone experience is all about. Our favorite feature, though? Hublot went all out with the ability to let you try on your favorite Hublot watch using an augmented reality-type interface, and it looks really, really good. The app weighs in at around 65MB, but storage space on your iPhone is a small thing to spare to have a virtual collection of Hublot timepieces in your pocket.

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