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AT&T Watch is here: $15 for 30 channels, but no HBO

After teasing it heavily for the last few weeks, AT&T has finally taken the wraps off its new $15-a-month streaming service, AT&T Watch. For a little more than Netflix, you get 31 live-streaming >>

Netflix mobile app now iPhone, iPod Touch compatible

It looks like Netflix has quietly added iPhone and iPod Touch support to their popular Netflix mobile application that iPad users are already enjoying. The new application allows the streaming of movies, that >>

BGR Throwback Thursday: TIMEX Beepware

Oh, Motorola. You’ve now been featured in two out of two of our Throwback Thursdays. Who remembers the TIMEX Beepware watch? A collaboration with Motorola, the Beepware pager watch had a monochrome display >>

LG GD910 watch phone could hit US after all

To be perfectly honest, it’s hard to know whether or not we actually care about the possibility of LG’s upcoming GD910 watch phone touching down in the US. If the pricing comes in >>

Orange to finally launch LG GD910 watch phone next month

More interesting news from the UK today as it looks like LG’s would-be-highly-anticipated-if-not-for-the-insanely-high-rumored-price-tag GD910 watch phone is set to become a reality next month. Orange has reportedly confirmed that LG’s Dick Tracy-esque wrist >>

Sony Ericsson introduces bluetooth watches for women

Add another into the realm of wacky gadgets targeted at women. On Tuesday, Sony Ericsson launched the MDW-200 line of bluetooth watches designed for the lady in mind. Reminiscent of the MDW-150 series >>