Motorola’s Accompli 009, the very-hyped follow up to their Timeport P935, mostly failed to gain traction, and lived a pretty short life. Available in the US at a full retail price of $599 with service from Cingular, almost non-functional email support, and a confusing form factor, it’s not exactly hard to imagine why the phone didn’t really take off. Some of our fondest memories using the Accompli 009? Well, you had to use a headset to talk on the phone, there was an actual speakerphone attachment about 1/3 of the size of the actual device that plugged into the side, but that color screen… it made up for all of it. Plus, we’ll never forget playing a full-game of Battleship with a friend OTA — it was game changing at the time. I remember having a silver one… before public release of course. The device also made a cameo in the box office hit XXX with Vin Diesel (pictured above). Were you part of the Accompli 009 club?

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