If you’ve been dying to grab some Apple gear but are waiting for a tiny bit of incentive (seriously, we mean tiny), today might be the day. Available online from Apple’s online store as well as in all Apple retail stores (with extended shopping hours), you can currently save a little money on practically anything they carry. Here’s what your savings will look like, just as we reported:

  • iMacs are discounted $101
  • iPod nanos are discounted $11
  • iPod touch in 8GB, 32GB, or 64GB are discounted as much as $41
  • Apple TVs are discounted $21
  • AirPort Express is now $88 instead of $99
  • Magic Mouse and Wireless Keyboards are $5 off each
  • Monster Beats headphones in exclusive Apple silver are discounted $71

There’s a lot, lot more so click on over, or head on over depending on how social you want to be today.