Some time ago, AT&T realized it had a bit of an issue on its hands with the Samsung Epix. A “Slog Dump issue” in fact. As exotic as that sounds, it pretty much means the phone would continuously crash with the pop up message “This is forced SLOG DUMP”. After months of hounding from users, AT&T finally pushed out an update to the bizarre issue last week and all was right again in the world of QWERTY Windows Mobile phones. Or not. While AT&T did resolve the Slog Dump error with its OTA update, it also brought about a new problem that is just as severe — many are reporting the Epix now freezes on a daily basis when attempting to dial out. Ouch. Are you an Epix owner affected by all this craziness? Let us know how things are going in the comments section and head on over to the AT&T forum to read more about the issues.

Thanks, Amir!