We’re seriously going out on a limb here, but we’ve received word the BlackBerry 9630, the device we all know and love, will make its debut into the world as the BlackBerry Tour. Not even going to comment on the name, we’ll leave that up to you. Just know this is viciously unconfirmed, but hey, it sounds like something RIM would think is cool. Plus, wasn’t there rumblings about U2? Just sayin’…

P.S. That same tipster confirmed release of the device in “early summer”

UPDATE: Thanks to one of our awesome readers, they’ve just alerted us to the fact that http://www.blackberry9630.com (something RIM would obviously own) and http://www.blackberrytour.com both point to the same IP address. Additionally, they were both coincidentally registered on the same date. Welp, it looks like BlackBerry Tour it is!