Call it the Paris, call it the P5 or call it the ghost of Sony Ericsson past – the bottom line is that this handset will likely never see the light of day. Those of you Sony Ericsson or UIQ die-hards out there will still be interested what we’ve got here though. We’re not sure who M. Kurowski is but he managed to get his hands on a Paris prototype and gave it some serious face time in a two-part video review for the ages. We have to say, this guy has got to be one of our favorite video reviewers of all time. Arguably even better than the Storm unboxing guy. Everything about this review is awesome – from the reviewer himself, to the fact that he shot the video in the dark, to the soothing sounds of what is either bacon sizzling or a fish tank bubbling in the background. It all combines to create a masterpiece. Amazing. Do yourself a favor and hit the jump for part two.