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Elon Musk presents Starship to the world

If you even casually follow space news you’ve no doubt already heard of SpaceX’s Starship. Starship — and the Super Heavy launch vehicle that will send it skyward — are SpaceX’s big bet >>

LG to unveil prototype MeeGo devices next month

LG’s about to get its MeeGo on. Next month, the Korean phone manufacturer is set to debut a prototype device during the MeeGo Conference in San Francisco from May 23rd to May 25th. >>

Images of AT&T branded Nokia X7 surface on the web

Several weeks ago, a video displaying the gaming prowess of an unannounced Nokia handset — the X7-00 — surfaced on the web. Now, thanks to the notorious Nokia-slayer Eldar Murtazin, we have two >>

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Preview

Once at the top of the smartphone pack, Microsoft’s current mobile operating system, Windows Mobile, has quickly fallen from grace. Luckily the juggernaut in Redmond, WA decided finally to do something about that. You >>