Sure it’s always a mystery how a handset might turn out after making its way through the carrier branding process, or “the crippler” as we call it. Will it be crippled beyond repair? Will it still be usable and only undergo minor feature changes? As far as the Samsung Omnia is concerned, the biggest question was with regards to whether or not Verizon would disable WiFi. Well you know what they say – a picture is worth 1,000 words. Big Red was indeed kind to the Omnia as it passed though the branding process and as you can see above, WiFi will be ready and waiting for all you touchscreen Windows Mobile fans for whom EVDO just isn’t enough. So there you have it folks; we showed you the pics, we gave you pricing and a release time line and now you know WiFi is still sitting pretty. All that’s left is for you to call in and place your orders or head out early next month to get your hands on a sure winner from what is now the nation’s largest carrier.

Thanks, krazyVZW!