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  1. Best Wireless Charger For iPhone
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    3-in-1 wireless charging station for Apple devices is down to $17 at Amazon

  2. Best TV Soundbar
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    Did someone make a mistake? There’s no way this soundbar should only cost $49.99

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    Amazon deal drops this top-rated foldable 1080p camera drone to just $49.99

  4. Amazon Echo Auto Price
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    Incredible Amazon deal adds hands-free Alexa to any car for $19.99

  5. Surge Protector Amazon
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    Brilliant $30 Amazon find expands a power outlet without an ugly power strip

Windows Mobile

Mobile app echoecho makes check-ins personal

September 3rd, 2010

This week, we inadvertently stumbled across a pretty neat, cross-platform, geo-location mobile app titled echoecho. The premise behind echoecho is simple: instead of using a service like Facebook or foursquare to broadcast where you are, it offers a way of requesting the location of a single friend. The application integrates with your phone’s address book and sends a …

Verizon to offer FiOS customers live TV for iPads, video-on-demand for Android, BlackBerry, WinMo

August 18th, 2010

Today, Verizon announced a new video application that will allow subscribers of their FiOS television service to watch live, linear programming on an iPad. Before anyone gets too excited, the application — which is scheduled to be released early next year — does have one fairly enormous catch. As reported by Gigaom, “subscribers with an iPad will only be …

Android 2.2 and 2.1 with Sense ported to the HTC HD2

July 15th, 2010

It’s the epitome of cruel irony- folks who were brave enough to score one of the last Windows Mobile handsets are enjoying the latest OS Android has to offer while the rest of Android world waits idly for Froyo to land on their non-Nexus One handsets. HTC HD2 owners need to look no further than xda-developers to discover …

LG launches new applications store for both smartphones and feature phones

July 1st, 2010

LG officially opened the doors to its online applications store on Thursday. The app store offers social networking, navigation, VoIP, and instant messaging applications for both feature phones and Windows OS phones. LG will expand its offerings to include an estimated 4,000 applications — including those for Android-powered smartphones — by the end of the year. …

Motorola announces the rugged and secure ES400

June 18th, 2010

Windows Mobile 6.5 isn’t dead, it’s just been given a bizarre makeover and loaded onto a strange new handset from Motorola in the ES400. Created specifically for enterprise customers that need a handset that’s as secure as it is rugged, the Sprint-bound ES400 will run Microsoft’s newly announced Windows Embedded Handheld, an OS that is …

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace regulations, features detailed

June 8th, 2010

Ars Technica has an interesting write-up on the rules and regulations developers will have to follow in order to publish to the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. For the most part, Microsoft’s terms seem pretty standard — especially when compared to other mobile application ecosystems such as Android’s Market or Apple’s App Store — however, there are a few …

LG Fathom understood to be available from Verizon

May 27th, 2010

Are you a diehard Windows Mobile fans that think Microsoft is making a huge mistake with Windows Phone 7? Than you had better make with $150 post-haste, because one of the last Windows Mobile 6.5 devices you’ll ever see — the LG Fathom — is now available from Verizon. This things been the subject of more …