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Skype pulls its client for Windows Mobile

Updated 4 years ago

Windows Mobile users looking to download Skype may have to dig a bit deeper to find the necessary .cab file for installation. According to Skype’s website, the Windows Mobile version has been removed because it does not offer the same rich user experience that is available in Skype for the iPhone and Skype for Symbian, an unusual reason that leaves us scratching our heads. Skype does not indicate when the Windows Mobile version will return, if ever, and it is possible that Skype may have chosen to cease development of the older Windows Mobile version while focusing on a new version that will be compatible with Windows 7 Phone series handsets. If this is the case, then it’s pretty odd that Skype would pull its current version so soon, leaving millions of current Windows Mobile users in the lurch for the next eight to nine months while we wait for the first Windows Phone 7 handsets to debut. Reading between the lines, another possible explanation is a bit of a conspiracy theory and contains the words “exclusive” and “Verizon Wireless”. Similar to the rumored delay in the 3G enabled version of Skype for the iPhone, this rumor suggests that Skype may have pulled its Windows Mobile version due to its exclusive agreement with Big Red. Regardless of the reason, Windows Mobile owners may want to head over to Skype’s website as soon as possible as the download link is still buried in the website if you know where to look. Once Skype becomes aware of its presence, the link and your ability to download Skype from its official channel may be long gone.

[Via Wmpoweruser and Fuze Mobility]