We’ll get right to the point on this one. One of our sources notified us last night that as of 6:00 PM EST yesterday, the BlackBerry Bold has officially received Technical Acceptance from Big Blue, meaning the handset has been approved for sale by the phone gods of AT&T. Typically, TA means the handset is about two weeks from launching but we had our fingers crossed that AT&T would somehow be fast-tracking the release since the Bold has already been delayed so many times. Unfortunately it doesn’t look that that will be the case. Word is coming in now that AT&T has officially stated on this morning’s earnings call, that the Bold will be released on November 4th. We still have it on pretty good authority that October 27th was intended to be the date – looks like AT&T and RIM just had to keep the tradition of delays alive one last time before launch.

UPDATE: This just in – $300 price point yall! (Thanks Carlos)