Remember that black Nokia E71 we kinda, sorta fell in love with? Turns out it’s not alone. A shiny white version of the handset has been spotted in the concrete jungle, replacing the black model’s dapper exterior with a little bit of light. While white can often make a handset look a little unappealing, Nokia has done an excellent job here, implementing the new paint job in a classy, tasteful way. This ain’t no white/green Palm Centro. As great as this is, what we would love even more is for a US carrier, cough**AT&T**cough, to pick up this amazing handset for mass distribution. That, dear readers, would make us happy. But, oh yeah, we called that already! Also, as good as this E71 looks, we’re pretty sure its sort of a spare parts unit. For clarification, the keyboard and the back top cover look to be installed on a regular E71. Expect the white AT&T version to be… white.