Not a whole lot to go on here, but we have confirmed that the Sidekick Gecko is in the wild, and that the browser is fully functional. The Sidekick Gecko, if you remember, is one of two new Sidekick models rumored to be coming out this July. The phone is supposed to be a replacement for the recently-deceased Sidekick iD, and should arrive with a Sharp Aquos-influenced screen, 2 MP camera with video, interchangeable bumpers, and more. We’re tentatively looking at a July 30th release, but we’ll hit you with more info as soon as we get it.

Thanks, SS-T!

UPDATE: Sorry for the false alarm here folks, but it looks like we may have jumped the gun. Several astute readers have pointed out that the screen shot above is a calling card of the Gecko web browser engine, used by Danger for all of their back-end web proxy duties. As such, there’s nothing in the shot itself that points to the new handset.