Ill admit it; we’ve been slacking on the BGR flashback series. But to pick things up again, this weeks BGR flashback is the Iomega zip drive. Come on, you so know you had about 100 of these things in your home and office! Released in 1994, but made extremely popular a little while later, the zip drive used a 100MB removable disk. The drives actually jumped up to 250MB, but that required a new reader. The new 250MB reader was backwards-compatible with the 100MB disks, though, otherwise all hell would have broken loose. Iomega later introduced the Jaz drive which used 1GB and 2GB disks, but it was never the same after that. CD-Rs and CD-RWs were quickly made famous for a bunch of reasons, and out went the zip drive. How many of you used to use the zip drives? What did you say? It’s a has-been? It’s a classic damn it!