Remember Hulu? You know, Network Television’s reaction to the iTunes TV Show store? The service is still in limited beta mode, but we’ve managed to get a look at the site today, and we’ve scored some screenshots to give you a bit of an idea for what’s going on behind the Hulu doors. We’ll say first off, that this is a very well executed service. The service has learned from the mistakes of other, similar products such as Joost, and placed a huge emphasis on securing popular content. Networks currently involved include NBC, FOX, SciFi, USA, and a couple more. The big news here, of course, is that NBC shows are no longer available from iTunes, so this is one of the only ways to get your fix of The Office, 30 Rock, and more without a Tivo. Video quality is excellent, and ad content is present but relatively unobtrusive. The interface is clean and everything is very logically arranged. The best part is that all of this is offered completely free of charge. Overall, we think Hulu has a winner on their hands here! Hit the jump for some more screenshots, and pray like hell that you get a beta invite soon. It’s so worth it.

Thanks, Gabe!

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