This isn’t shocking given the relative success of Apple’s newest operating system, but it’s still pretty amazing given the mass consumption of Microsoft’s OS. It seems that Leopard has out sold Windows in the Japanese market over the month of October. This is, of course, due in large part to Leopard’s recent release. That said, Windows has traditionally enjoyed a large margin of success over its Apple-manufactured brethren. Last month, however, Leopard grabbed a 60% market share, while Windows pulled in less than 30% of the market. Yikes! The usual breakdown favors Windows over OS X by a margin of 3:1. That’s a pretty incredible jump. Could it have anything to do with Window’s Japanese retail cost of $276, versus Leopard’s downright affordable $134? Maybe, right? The important thing is obviously will Leopard continue to outsell Vista, and our guess would be no.