Alienware is well known for it’s hardcore gaming systems, but media servers for high-end component audio / video systems? Shockingly, yes. The company, which was recently acquired by Dell, is touting its new home media server system, and after a brief tutorial and hands-on session, we have to say we’re very impressed. First off the bat, this is not your teenage hacker son’s Alienware gear. Gone are the garish colors and style, having been replaced with a subdued classiness that wouldn’t be out of place in a Harmon Kardon showroom. There are several available components, with customers able to select a custom system that suits his / her unique needs. Both AMD and Intel- based systems are available, and you can also choose between a rack mount or component system style. The rack version sports hot-swappable storage drives, offering up to 4 terabytes of on-board storage. 802.11n is standard, and up to 4 separate TV tuners are available or you can opt for 2 CableCard slots instead. Both versions sport HD 1080i output, with onboard Blu-ray write-capable drives. Crazy! The system is scalable, allowing you to expand as the need arises. Oh, and the component version sports a little blue Alien head. Nice touch, guys! The Alientware Hangar 18’s should be available “soon”. Rest of the shots, after the jump!


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