Out of everything on this road map, the AT&T SMT5700 has been probably the most sly. Ducking the BG paparazzi, we’ve only seen one live shot of it. It’s supposed to positioned at a $99 price point and should be available with and without a camera. It looks like it will be running Windows Mobile 6 Standard and top out with EDGE with an October 9th release. Not content with launching a low-end EDGE device, AT&T is obsconding with the Sierra Wireless AC881 (PCMCIA card, HSDPA), Sierra Wireless AC881u (USB), Option HSUPA (ETNA), and Option HSUPA Express data cards. We’re not sure why AT&T is going ahead and launching HSUPA data cards when they’re network isn’t even upgraded to 3.6MBit HSDPA, but you can’t blame them for wanting everything in place. Well, no. Because using that logic, AT&T wouldn’t opt to remove every single front-facing camera from their whole lineup, and be ready for 2-way Video Calling.