Please, T-Mobz, step your game up a bit! Never embarrassed to take last dibs at the dinner table, T-Mobile is set to launch the Motorola RAZR V8 next month in October. We don’t have an exact release date but it is likely would be during the first 2 weeks. The great part about T-Mobile’s version of the RAZR 2 is that they scooped up the V8 model. We love that one the best. It’s thinner, and above all runs the MOTOMAXG platform (R.I.P. JUIX, we still love you!). Data tops out at EDGE featuring quad-band GSM connectivity, but then again, who are we kidding? Holding out for 3G phones on T-Mobile is the equivalent of Nokia releasing a phone with USA 3G compatibility, er, never mind.

Thanks, T-MobileStar!

UPDATE: Looks like the RAZR 2 will be launching on T-Mobile on October, 15th with the Sidekick LX release around there as well…