Here’s one for the music gear heads among us. This web-based app is a relatively accurate reproduction of the classic Roland TR-909 drum machine. The TR-909 hit the scene in 1984, and quickly made its mark on the burgeoning electronic dance scene, popping up in hit records left and right. Unfortunately, Roland discontinued the box after producing only 10,000 units. As such, these bad boys command quite a premium on the open market these days. What’s a old school 16-step sequencing drum machine lover to do? Hit the link, of course. If you don’t feel like ponying up the $500-$1000 that you’d pay for a real deal unit on eBay, then head on over and program some web-based rhythms. It’s a darn good replication, though you’ll forego hardware-based options such as external MIDI control, physical outputs, and the like, but for the bargain basement price of free99, you can’t complain too much.

[Via Red Ferret]