As the quest to unlock the iPhone continues, interested parties are going to incredible lengths to free the device from AT&T’s clutches. While not a exercise for the faint at heart, some determined hackers have engineered a process by which iPhone owners can use non-AT&T service. The process allows you to extract IMSI and ICCID data from your AT&T SIM, and merge it with the data from another operator SIM card, creating a so-called "SuperSim". Once merged, the SIM strips the phone of its allegiance to AT&T, allowing you to connect to the network of your choosing. Very dope! Data functionality is not clear at this point with some users saying it works, and some saying it doesn’t. If you’re interested in taking the plunge, be warned that this is a pretty labor intensive process, requires some specialized equipment, and is most probably highly illegal. That being said, if you’re down, don’t hesitate to report back with your experiences.