You can’t help but feel a little sorry for Nextel. While the rest of the developed world becomes more and more aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced, the iDen world continues to languish in the cell phone equivalent of the Dark Ages. Poor saps. At the end of the day, however, their PTT network is without question one of the best and most reliable solutions for many businesses. We’re not knocking you, Nextel, but we’re certainly having some fun at your ugly expense. What we have here is one of Nextel’s newest offerings, the Motorola ic605. To its limited credit, the phone is a hybrid model, able to operate on both Sprint and Nextel networks for increased coverage. It also has a VGA camera. The fun stuff pretty much ends there, though, as this is little more than standard Nextel fare. It’s rugged, and probably has decent call quality, but it does absolutely nothing else. It’s ugly, thick, and it’s probably pretty heavy, but if you need some hybrid PTT action, we won’t stand in your way. Just don’t expect a new Slingbox beta client for your Nextel handset any time soon:)