Dell looking to jump into the smartphone market?

Here at BGR we’ve come to regard various “analyst” sourced speculation as, well, just that; speculation. As such, we’re not willing to put our stamp of approval on the rumor at hand just yet, though the various pieces don’t sound too far from believable. According to a Kaufman Bros. analyst, Dell could be readying a smartphone for launch within the next several weeks/months. The rumor is based on Dell’s 2007 hire of former Motorola RAZR mastermind Ron Garriques. A bit of a shaky of foundation, but the upcoming 3GSM conference would make a perfect stage for Dell to unleash its new masterpiece on an unsuspecting public. If it does indeed enter the smartphone market, there’s a very good chance that the handset would run on some flavor of Windows Mobile, with an Android-based handset all but out of the question. Whether or not the rumors prove to be true, if Dell does choose to make a run at a slice of the smartphone pie, it’s going to have a tough time gaining traction in the face of an increasingly competitive and innovative market. Good luck, dear old Dell, but our money isn’t behind you just yet.


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