T-Mobile flipping the 3G power switch May 1st in NYC?

We’ve got a couple tips on this, so…your day may have finally come, faithful T-Mobile 3Gers. If our tipsters are correct, (we’ve also confirmed this internally) T-Mobile will be launching their 3G data network May 1st in NYC. That’s Thursday for all y’all that don’t use a calendar. We can’t imagine New York City would be the only city in the country (even though it’s the best city) to receive the special 3G treatment on day one, but then again, who knows with T-Mobile. Did you just hear that? The sound of thousands of T-Mobile subscribers smashing their phones because they don’t know if they have 3G chips in them or not? If this is infact true, we should be seeing a bunch of 3G phones start popping up, and I’m betting those new Sidekicks are 3G as well…

Thanks, Nick F., and all of our other secret sources!

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