MacBook battery replacement process a non-issue

Yeah, we know that Apple has taken a bunch of flack for the non-user replaceable battery in the new MacBook Air. We’re still not too happy about it, as we often like to take a spare battery or two with us while we’re on the road, but according to AppleInsider, the replacement process might not be as frustrating as we initially thought. Apparently all it takes to replace the MacBook Air’s internal battery is $129 for the new battery, a size 0 Phillips head screwdriver and about 3 minutes. Not too shabby. For the time being, at least, Apple is recommending that anyone looking get their battery replaced needs to bring their laptop into a Genius Bar. Given the simplicity of the process, however, we don’t see why something like this couldn’t be handled in the comfort of your own home. If they only could have integrated some HSDPA action into the MBA. We’d be in lovez and would forget about the non-user-replaceable battery…


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