TomTom and Garmin working on mobile handsets?

Two giants in the navigation world, TomTom and Garmin, are both rumored to be working on a mobile handset. The two are no strangers to portable devices, with the fruits of their labor found in many a handheld/dash mounted GPS system. The move towards actual handset production, however, would mark a significant jump from tradition. Could they pull it off? Perhaps, though we’ve seen this sort of thing fail miserably before. The best case scenario would have them farm out actual design and production to a third party (*cough* HTC *cough*), leaving the OS/Software side of things on their plate. If they actually tried to pump out the handsets themselves…all hell could break loose. It’s unclear whether the two are working in competition with each other, or whether this is a joint effort. We all know that a little teamwork can do amazing things. Now what to call it…the GarTom? TomTom-In…


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